YOUR Token

We now have token Your Token YOUR Your Token YOUR Buy on Pancakeswap

BSC CONTRACT: 0x284099132099265EE5Fcd87e9F0DBf6DBa37E6A0

About Us

YOUR token will be used in multiple cases. .. Few of them are NFT, play to earn, reward apps and many more to come!

Here are some of options we will bring into the ecosystem

  • Reward website/app
  • Play to earn game(s)
  • NFT's
  • More to come

Why token name is YOUR? Because this will be your token, token to hodl and earn with. This token will give option to get it for free if there are no budget for this token opening opportunity for everyone!

YOUR token max supply: 100,000,000
YOUR token team holdings: 20,000,000 (for marketing and development)
YOUR token in free rewards: 20,000,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will try to answer frequently asked questions from our Telegram and Twitter.